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    Quality Various Color PU braided Hoses

    If your industries need to use pneumatic tools, you might be familiar about the PU pneumatic and PA pneumatic hoses. Actually PU and PA pneumatic hoses have lots of application purposes. The applications include air delivery, auto industries, industrial robots and pneumatic tools, water delivery (needs to use polyether type PU hoses), hydraulic machinery, etc.


    Compared with PU pneumatic hoses, PA hoses are relatively hard and lack of elasticity. Thus when the common manufactured length for PA coil hose is 6 meters, whereas the common length for PU coil hose is 5 meters or 5.5 meters. PU tubing is the first choice in the pneumatic industry.

    As I have mentioned before, if you need the PU hoses for transporting the water-based products, the PU pipes need to be made by polyether. Because the polyester type PU hoses can not withstand water.

    Concerning the structure of PU hoses, there is one layer reinforcement option. You can see the pictures, which show the PU hose with braided reinforcement. We manufactured and packed them for our clients as their requirements. The PU braided hoses’ working pressure withstanding capacity is 1.8 times as the single-layer PU hoses.

    Another popular we manufactured PU hoses are a complete set of PU dust removal kit with exquisite packaging. In addition, PA hoses are commonly used as brake hoses in automotive industries as well.


    We, Orientflex has developed in pneumatic hose manufacturing and supplying industry for more than a decade. We have professional sales team to suggest you the right hoses. In addition, we have rich experience on hose supplying in the worldwide. We know about your market preference, it will benefit our cooperation for sure. We continuously improve our production process and hose quality, to achieve our vision: quality hose, serve the world.