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    What news does the supplier like to hear about?---Orientflex Hydraulic Hoses Quality is recognized by the client’s market

    Are you involved in international business trade or domestic business to business trade? Some of the suppliers do not care about after sale service. But we always truck our clients’ use experience. What we are proud of is our after sale customer service system.

    We manufactured hoses hardly have problems, but if we find out any of the quality problems, we will take responsibility to the problems. And we will truck back to each of our production processes to continuously improve our production technology and minimize the mistakes.

    By our more than a decade development in hose manufacturing and global supplying industries, our production technology for hydraulic hoses is mature. You can see the picture that shows the communication between our clients and us.

    This client is a hydraulic hose distributor in his market. You can see we concern about we manufactured hydraulic hoses sales in his market, and truck the consumers’ feedback. We focus on improving we Orientflex produced hoses’ quality.

    Each of our clients chose us to be their supplier, because he/she trust us and our hoses quality. We do not want to do only one time business with them. We always want to build a long time cooperation.


    You can see we manufactured 1/2 inch SAE 100R1AT hydraulic hoses. The printing, size, wrapped surface or smooth surface, etc. All can be customized.

    As we communicate with our old clients, we found there is a problem of hydraulic hoses is not caused by the quality but the problem is common. The issue is that some of the consumers use the hydraulic hoses to delivery fuel however the hydraulic hoses can not undertake the high percentage of aromatic. Please be aware the hydraulic hoses are used for delivering hydraulic oil rather than diesel gasoline.

    If you need hydraulic hoses, please talk to us, we are a reliable hydraulic hose supplier.