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    What are the Applications of High Quality PA12 and PA6 Nylon Hose?

    Do you know about the quality difference between different nylon types? PA12 is the best quality high end raw material for producing PA hoses. Of course, we Orientflex can also provide PA 6 for different markets’ and applications’ needs.

    Indeed, we hardly can distinguish nylon hoses’ raw material from their appearance. But in use, PA12 made hoses perform the best on the low temperature resistance, resilience, and pressure withstanding capacity. If the market is in the relatively high temperature regions, PA6 hoses can be used.

    The cost of PA6 and PA12 raw materials are different. PA12 is more expensive due to the excellent performance. What are the applications of the high quality PA12 and PA6 hose? They are widely applied as brake hoses.

    Besides rubber brake hoses, nylon hoses also can be chose as brake hoses, using in cars, motorcycles, electric cars, etc. Nylon brake hoses can be made in different colors as you required, which not limited in black color.

    If you need nylon straight hoses, that can be packed as the picture shows. The nylon hoses that use plastic film wrapped and have been packed in a box. Or we are able to produce nylon coil hoses. The nylon coil hoses are widely applied in semi-trailers and trailers.

    We are professional PA hose manufacturers, and supply to worldwide car part industries. We have ISO9001 approved certificate, and our hoses quality is recognized by our clients. We all know the the brake hoses should be replace in a period. And our hoses have no problem in using period.

    We can cut the PA hoses as the length that you required. We can provide your required hose assemblies and hose fittings crimping service. Concerning the packaging, we can provide refined individual packaging if you need. We have competitive price as a PA hose manufacturer, if you need it, welcome to contact us.