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    Introduce Various Types of the Fire-fighting Hose

    If you are interested in fire fighting hoses, there will many different options. What is the difference between fire fighting hoses and the average PVC lay flat hoses used in agricultural field? The hoses for fire fighting need to withstand higher working pressure and have better performance on the abrasion resistance. Let us talk about the fire fighting hose type from the different materials. The hoses for fire fighting also include the PVC lining hose, but the reinforcement is a polyester jacket cover. From the production process, it differs from the agricultural lay flat hoses.


    Besides PVC lining lay flat fire hoses, we, Orientflex also produces rubber lining layflat fire hoses, PU lining layflat fire hoses, etc. The construction for these hoses is a lining and a polyester jacket reinforced cover. Or based on the requirements, we can produce double polyester jacket cover. Yellow and white polyester jacket cover for fire hoses are commonly choices. The double polyester jacket cover can withstand higher working pressure with better abrasion resistant performance. All we manufactured fire hoses are guaranteed a high quality hose product. But there will be some difference between different materials made of fire hoses. For example, rubber lining fire hoses are heavier than PVC lining fire hoses, but rubber lining has better performance on the low-temperature resistance than PVC lining. Therefore if being used in cold whether and areas, you might need to consider the material choice, and also consider about the price issue.

    Besides the fire hoses mention above, we also manufacture other type of fire hose. We call it heavy duty rubber covered layflat discharge hose. The inner lining is made of nitrile synthetic rubber, reinforced by polyester woven jacket, and outer cover is thermoplastic rubber (TPR). This hose can be used for fire fighting also, and withstand up to 30 bar working pressure. You can see there are truly lots of options for fire fighting hoses. If you have demands for any different requirements for fire hoses in markets, tell us, we will satisfy your needs.