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    The importance of suppliers’ quality stability

    How much do companies procurement staff care about quality stability? Their carefulness for the quality stability is even much more than the best quality. As a hoses and hose fittings manufacturer, we, Orientflex exports around 1800 containers to 127 countries annually. In this piece, we want to discuss concerning quality topic from clients perspective and how do we guarantee the quality stability.

    Have you heard the clients said I need steady quality. We can build a long term cooperation, if you can provide me steady quality products. Please imagine, if you are the buyers, you purchased very high quality products once from a supplier, however the second time purchase is all inferior goods. Will you be happy about this supplier?

    From market perspective, one inferior good will destroy the whole reputation you have built up. Or you will choose to cooperate with the supplier who can provide a steady quality items to you. How to understand steady quality from clients perspective? There are some tips from our experience on how to ensure steady quality hoses have been produced.

    Firstly, communication is important. We need to clearly know what clients truly needed, and how to adjust from internal production and quality control system to meet clients needs. Take an example of we produced PVC layflat hoses. If a Mexican clients need high-quality heavy duty 10 bar PVC layflat hoses. We need to make sure each production index meets the requirements, in addition, ensure the final hose products quality by testing, such as pressure testing.

    Secondly, record the production information for each clients, not only the ordered quantity, but also the produced quality. Therefore, we can ensure the same quality for the clients next time purchase.

    Hope this piece can give you some inspiration on how to control the quality. The steady quality is related to the severity and frequency of quality accidents. We are trying to minimize this data. And we will never provide our clients inferior hose products. If you need any type of hoses, we are glad to be your supplier.