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    Advantages of pvc suction hose that most people don’t know

    The PVC suction hose are made of high quality pvc with rigid pvc helix reinforcement. The surface is smooth. It’s designed for regular water supply smooth inner construction for unrestricted flow of materials. And transporting various powdery particles and liquids.

    With good flexibility and elasticity, so the pipe wall will not fracture when we fold it, it can bend in the water and with a good effect of anti stormy waves.

    Being light in weight, with good resistance to the hard weather conditions and minus pressure, and small bending radius, this hose is used for drawing and conveying water, oil, grain and powder in factories, agriculture and civil .

    The surface is hard and easy to bend with small bending radius It is the excellent substitutes for rubber hoses and metal pipes.

    It is convenient to install, take down and transport, so it can shorten on-stream time and improve economic performance.Its wear-resisting, with longer service life,the material of pipe is UV resistant and anti-aging.The length can be customized by clients, the color is the same, you can choose what you like.The internal and external surface are smooth and with low friction, so the transport efficiency will be 20 to 30 percent higher than steel tube.

    It can be used for long time whatever in the water or on the land, with low cost and is safer.

    Our company has been specializing in this area for more than 10 years, contact with us if interested