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    How to win the reputation among the layflat hose markets?

    Dear reader, lets talk about the reputation topic. As a person, we usually want to build a positive image to others. We want others use the word kind, beautiful, nice, etc. to describe us. Then more people hear about it will think we are good and worth to be friends with. To do business, it is the same principle. We need to build a good reputation among our existing buyers, then we can attract more and more clients to trust us. For example, if you are a PVC layflat hoses trader towards the farmer clients, or you sell lay falt hoses to the organizations, you will not be willing to hear complaints about the poor quality of your provided lay flat hoses. A negative comment might adversely influence a lot. A farmer might tell his friend do not buy anything from you. Thus, guaranteeing the quality is an important thing.


    Cooperating with reliable supplier is important, this is why most of companies are not welling to change suppliers easily. We, Orientflex has been manufactured various hoses, including layflat hoses, rubber hoses, hose fittings, etc. for years. You can see the picture, we did wall thickness check for our Japanese clients. We always do 100% quality inspection before delivery. Besides the size check, we also check each required details including size, color, printing, packaging, etc. and confirm with clients. And we would do the burst test to check the working pressure. One end user in Nigeria told us that the hose he bought burst immediately after being installed and used. But this will never happen to we manufactured layflat hoses. The pressure of the hose we produce absolutely meets customer requirements. If you are a distributor of hoses, give us an opportunity to cooperate, you will get steady high quality hoses and win the reputation in your market.