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    Why we need to choose High Quality Airless Paint Spray Hose for The Airless Paint Sprayer

    First of all, let’s see the working principle of the airless paint sprayer. Before the airless paint sprayer works, you need to prepare the material that you plan  to spray, and put the pickup tube there. Furthermore, you need to put the dump tube in a container, which is empty. And then you can let the pump start working until the material that you plan to spray coming out from the dump tube. Then, the airless paint sprayer can be set to spray. The pressure begins to be built up to the airless spray gun, meanwhile, you can see the airless paint spray hoses have to withstand the higher working pressure accordingly. The instruction of the airless paint sprayer will suggest you to start from low pressure gradually increase to higher pressure. It also benefits to the working life of the airless paint spray hose.


    As explained how the airless paint sprayer works, you will see the quality of the airless paint spray hose is important. If there is a inferior airless paint spray hoes that applied, it might burst under the high working pressure, or the leakage might happen. It will interrupt the spraying work. We, Orientflex only produce high quality airless paint spray hose. The tube is made of PA and the cover is made of PU, reinforced by multiplies of braided steel wire or polyester. The airless paint spray hose has a good performance on chemical solvents resistance. Maximum, it can withstand 50 MPa working pressure. We do the pressure test to guarantee each hose’s quality. 1/4 inch airless paint spray hose is the most popular choose, or you can choose the 5/16 inch or 3/8 inch airless paint spray hose. The popular colors are blue, black, red, and grey. The quality of airless paint spray hose is important to the airless paint sprayer. If you have demands, we hope to be your hose supplier provide you the high quality hoses to help you win the reputation from the market.