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    Continuous Development needs Continuous Learning: Orientflex is a big family

    We are Orientflex, we are a family. The main business of Orientflex is manufacturing and exporting various of hoses and hose fittings. We have been developed for more than a decade. We operate main product lines include PVC hoses, rubber hoses, and hose fittings. If you refine these categories, there would be a variety of hose types we have manufactured including PVC garden hoses, PVC lay flat hoses, PVC suction hoses, PVC air hoses, PVC high pressure spray hoses, Pneumatic hoses, rubber air hoses, rubber water hoses, nitrile rubber oil hoses, chemical hoses, gas hoses, rubber material handing hose, dredging hoses, steam hoses, hydraulic hoses, auto rubber hoses, silicone hoses, hose protection guards, etc. We also manufacture hose couplings and clamps and export them too. Our mission is to supply Chinese first-class hoses to the world. For achieving this mission, we established professional sales teams, some of them have more than ten years foreign trade experience. For inspiring team cohesion, we often organize some team building activities.


    In the middle of this year, we held a meaningful team building activity. We learned from each of the team building games. We advocate continuous learning, summarizing , and progress. From the team building activity, we learned about how to effectively allocate the tasks to maximize each one’s value, how should we find the best way to solve the problem as long as not break the rules, how to share the good method rather than hiding it, how to carefully analyze the game rules instead of being rush to begin, how to effectively communicate, how to build the trust, how to care the whole team rather than only personal benefits, how to unleash each one’s potential, and so forth. We are continuously learning in a life time to apply the insights to our lives and work. We hope use our sincere heart and integrity to be the Chinese hoses supplier, and provide you Chinese first-class hoses with the most effective communication and the best service.