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    How it is important that taking a break on working efficiency?

    We, Orientflex does not encourage our staff keep working in a endless long time. We support the idea of work effectively. How to work effectively? Well, making a plan daily and weekly can help us understand and analyze how should we allocate the working time. We can divided the whole day work into small work tasks, and try to complete the tasks’ target within a limited time such as 25 minutes. We can pay our full attention to complete the working tasks for 25 minutes. This method is better than that we were busy in the whole morning but we do not know what we did. However, mistakes could be easily made due to the mental fatigue. The breaks are necessary for the brain understands recent processed information.


    For refreshing ourselves in the work, we dance in each two hours to exercise our bodies. The dancing time gives us a time to stretch our tired muscles and keep the healthy. In addition, we have an afternoon tea break on each Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Therefore, we can always work and serve our clients with a positive attitude and energy. We are hoses and hose fittings manufacturer from China, thus every day we have to deal with many clients’ requirements. There is a big database about the clients’ information. Facing various inquires from the clients, we should not make any mistake. Having the working breaks helps us to release from the tiredness and increase our productivity and creativity. We are a warm family, our wish to build a win-win business relationship with our clients from all over the world, and continuously improve our production technology and service quality for you. If your business require any types of hoses and hose couplings and clamps, welcome to contact us.