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    What cause your fuel suction and discharge hoses quality problems?

    You might consider all oil hoses are same, however actually they are not. The most common problem of the fuel hose is the delamination problem. One of the reasons that caused the delamination problem is the wrong usage such as using the hydraulic oil hose to deliver of diesel. Not all the oil hoses have a good performance on aromatic resistance. All products have the differences concerning the quality, the nitrile fuel hose does too. The best quality of the fuel hose’ inner tube and cover both are resistant to diesel and gasoline. The second quality level is the inner and outer synthetic rubber can resistant to diesel and gasoline, but the fabric glue is not resistant to diesel and gasoline. The commonly used one is the inferior one: hydraulic oil resistant hose, which obviously can not use for the delivery of diesel.

    This piece mainly introduces nitrile fuel discharge and suction hose, which can be used for the discharge and suction of petroleum-based products, diesel, gasoline, lubricants, fuel, with aromatic content up to 50%. Aromatic is one of the basic products and raw materials of petrochemical industry. Generally, high-grade diesel and gasoline resistant nitrile fuel hose can withstand the medium containing aromatics (up to 50%). Other inferior qualities can not withstand aromatics, that the reason why you need to find high quality nitrile fuel hoses. Orientflex can guarantee the quality through a strict quality control. If there is a quality problem happened, Orientflex will actively communicate with clients to solve and problem and be responsible for the quality problem. Trust Orientflex, you will not regret.

    If you only required to discharge petroleum-based products, the nitrile fuel discharge hoses are recommended. You might already knew that Nitrile fuel discharge hose constructed by a black and smooth nitrile, reinforced by multi plies high strength synthetic fabric, and the cover is black, wrapped surface, weather and ozone resistant synthetic rubber. However if you are willing to use the fuel hoses for both suction and discharge of petroleum-based products, there is a steel wire helix skeleton that has to be added to the hoses’ reinforcement for allowing the hoses to take vacuum pressure. You can require other covers’ colors based on your using scenario. Orientflex tests the indicator of light fastness of the hoses by putting the hoses in the ozone resistant instrument for 72 hours and then use a magnifying glass to check if there are no cracks on the surface. Orientflex does care for each quality control process to guarantee the quality the the produced hoses.

    With concerned of the working pressure of nitrile fuel suction and discharge hose, you can require 10 bar, 20 bar, 27.6 bar, and 40 bar. The burst pressure is usually three times of the working pressure. Withstanding different working pressures is because of the different productions, such as the wall thickness, materials’ difference, etc. The wrapped surface is usually printed with a strip, which is usually red striped with black words or white words, or you can customized the color. Notes, if you require to use the fuel discharge or suction for tank trucks, the fuel hose has to be with a conductive copper wire. If you require the fuel hoses for the deliver of diesel and gasoline, the hoses are better with a conductive copper wire for the continuity of conductivity. If you use the hoses for hydraulic oil transfer, you can require the oil hose without a copper wire. The nitrile fuel discharge hoses’ sizes are from 1/2’’ to 12’’. Less than 1’’ size can not produced with a copper wire. The length of 1’’ to 4’’ hoses is up to 60 meters, 4’’ to 8’’ hoses is up to 30 meters, and 10’’ to 12’’ hoses is up to 11.8 meters. 150 psi and 300 psi petrol suction hoses’ sizes are from 3/4’’ to 12’’. 400 psi petrol suction hoses’ sizes are from 2’’ to 4’’.

    Choosing the right and good quality fuel hose is critical. Incorrect fuel hose will lead to premature failure, causing burst, leakages or breakdown of the fuel hose. That might cause the fuel contamination or the block of fuel filters and injectors. If you are unsure about choosing which oil hoses for your projects, you can feel free to contact Orientflex to get more information.