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    Why my discharge hose is always wear out in a short time?

    We often ignore the effects of our discharge hoses while we evaluate the pump's performance. However, actually the quality and type of our discharge hoses dramatically influences on our pump's performance and the water output. Choosing the appropriate material and proper undertaken working pressure of the discharge hose will be the right way to improve your project's effectiveness and efficiency rather than overthinking on the price of discharge hoses. While you consider too much on saving the cost on discharge hoses, poor quality discharge hoses might negatively impact on the output performance and serve a short time, then you have to pay for the hoses again. Stop wasting your time and money on improper discharge hoses, rather you directly find the right discharge hoses for your project.

    So, you might ask what discharge hose is the most appropriate for my project. Discharge hoses have various choices for the materials of tube and different materials' reinforcement, with a wide range of size choices for conveying various liquids. For choosing the right discharge hose for your project, you ought to think your requirements on the hoses’ flexibility and duration requirements based on the application scenario, and the price is suggested to be the last factor to consider. But from the lower to higher price, the options of the discharge hose are PVC Lay Flat Hose, rubber hose, synthetic Fibre Reinforced Rubber Hose, and Steel Wire Reinforced Rubber Hose.

    Notes, there is no any one type of discharge hoses can universally deal with all using applications. The different features of each discharge hose option you might need to consider. Layflat hose is the best at the flexibility, PVC Layflat Hose is lightweight, and performed good corrosion resistance, thus PVC Layflat Hose is often used in agriculture for supplying water to the irrigation system. Layflat hoses are easy to handle and store, however, layflat hose might cause the additional head pressure, thus it should be kept the expansion while pumping. Layflat hose is good for lower head pressure applications.

    In comparison, Synthetic Rubber Discharge Hoses are rigid, and better at abrasion resistance. Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Hose have better performance on anti-kinking capacity. And rubber hose can withstand cooler temperature (-40 ℃to 70℃). NR and SBR synthetic Water Discharge Hose is mainly used for transferring water or non-corrosive liquids for the light duty industrial applications. But, indeed, rubber hose is heavier than PVC Hose. However, for more permanent industrial use of discharging, a Synthetic Rubber Hose is the better option. If you only require the hose using for discharging water, the multi plies high strength synthetic fibre reinforcement can be chosen, and you can required the undertaken working pressure to be 150 psi or 300 psi. Sizes are from 3/16" to 12". However, if you require the hose to use for water suction, a helix steel wire reinforcement should be necessary. Also, you can choose 150 psi or 300 psi working pressure, which is related to the material, wall thickness, reinforcement, etc. Sizes are from 3/4" to 14".

    In conclusion, any one discharge hose can not fit to every job conditions, it is important for you to consider your project' requirement for the hoses and make the best decisions to optimize the whole system efficiency, durability, and minimize the cost. OrientFlex is willing to help you to find the right discharge hose for your project. OrientFlex is professional on manufactoring Industrial Hose, Hydraulic Hose, PVC Hose, as well as hose fittings for more than a decade. Three main factory bases are able to satisfy all your requirements and demands. Each of the products manufactured by OrientFlex is guaranteed a strict quality control. Corporate with OrientFlex, make your business more successful.