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    Why Will the Flame Retardant Duct Hose Break?

    Flame retardant duct hose is a kind of high temperature resistant ventilation pipe coated with glass fiber cloth silicone rubber. Silicone coated glass fiber cloth is made of glass fiber cloth as the base material, and the silicone rubber is evenly coated on the glass fiber cloth in the way of coating or calending. It is an excellent silicone rubber mixture with relatively large density and uniform dispersion. The silicone cloth has good air tightness and can resist the erosion of water, steam and other chemical solvents. At the same time, the excellent tear strength can prevent the surface from being scratched or punctured by sharp objects, and effectively protect the target object.

    The flame retardant duct hose produced by the glass fiber coated fabric is mainly reinforced by the surface steel ring. The pressure the air pipe can bear is mainly determined by the thickness and density of the steel ring. The thicker the steel ring, the greater the pressure resistance, the wider the distance between the steel ring, the smaller the pressure resistance, the wider the distance, and the smaller the pressure resistance.

    Flame retardant duct hose is a kind of fireproof and high temperature resistant glass fiber layer cloth with steel ring of flexible soft ventilation hose. It is a kind of product commonly used in high temperature resistant air duct, and it is used very frequently. Because it can withstand the influence of 400 degrees of temperature resistance, it is favored by many consumers. When ordering flame retardant duct hose, the prices of products produced by various businesses are different, leading to many businesses to compress costs and cut corners. For example, the spacing of the steel rings is a typical example, and the spacing of the steel rings saves cost.

    Some of the low-cost heat-resistant ventilation ducts broke after a few hours of use, and the wiring of the pipe was separated. Most people do not know what is the reason, just think is the quality of the product. However, the high-temperature duct says it's not just a matter of quality. If you buy a new one, this may also happen. It can also be said that even the finest cloth and steel will have this phenomenon.

    Fiberglass composite pipe

    What is the reason for the break of the flame retardant duct hose? In fact, it's not a matter of materials, but a matter of pressure. The distance between the steel ring and the steel ring is too large, so that the resistance to low pressure of the high-temperature ventilation pipe is not high enough, which leads to cracks in the duct hose. To solve this problem, it is necessary to encrypt the ring spacing. The distance between the traditional high-temperature air ducts on the market is about 7.5-8.5cm, and the distance between the steel rings can be adjusted according to the pressure. Understanding this, the steel ring spacing encryption, so that the wind pipe more pressure resistance, to solve the consumer steel ring and cloth separation quality problem.