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    PU Steel Wire Duct Hose Pipe will Appear This Problem if This is Ignored when Using

    Recently, a customer sent a photo to say that the product has quality problems, there are several watermarks on the hose. Our sales person explained that our products are strictly quality-checked before shipping. After asking the customer's use environment and storage environment, we finally found that the reason for this phenomenon is that the storage environment of the PU steel wire duct hose pipe is too wet, which lead to hydrolysis phenomenon.

    So, how to avoid the aging hydrolysis phenomenon of PU steel wire duct hose pipe? First of all, to understand the delivery medium of the hose. PU duct hose pipe is used in the ventilation system to transport air. The hydrolysis problem is likely to occur if the medium is water. Secondly, it should be stored in a dry environment. Hydrolysis may also occur if the storage environment is moist.

    Therefore, we hope that we will pay attention to the transport medium and storage environment of the duct hose pipe in the future use, so as not to affect the service life of the PU steel wire duct hose pipe.

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