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    How to Identify Qualified PVC Power Spray Hose?

    The PVC power spray hose is widely used modern farmland spraying, water fertilizer and other metropolises. So how to identify qualified PVC power spray hose?

    1. We must identify the regular manufacturers. Try to buy brand products, such as Orientflex, do not buy product without any certifications.

    2. Generally speaking, identifying words or patterns will be printed on PVC high pressure power spray tubes, and high pressure is mainly reflected in B.P. Values and W.P. values (B.P. represents bursting pressure, W.P. represents working pressure), B.P. Values range from 160Kgf(Bar) to 220Kgf(Bar). The higher the value, the better the bearing capacity. It is worth noting here that some manufacturers may be falsely labeled.

    3. The manufacturing process determines the quality of the rubber hose, the quality of the rubber hose will appear: uneven thickness of the rubber pipe wall; The deformation of the rubber hose after pressure (elongation, shortening or bending deformation) is large; Outer rubber air tightness is poor; The inner layer of rubber sealing is poor, so that the fluid easily into the winding layer; Insufficient adhesive force of adhesive layer. The above situation will reduce the bearing force of the hose, and the burst occurs at the weak point of the pipe wall.


    4. Hose and joint assembly when the amount of withholding and withholding speed selection is improper, or the structure and material, size of the joint is unreasonable, can lead to hose and joint pressure is too tight or too loose, resulting in early damage to the joint. When assembling, if the withholding amount is too small, that is, when the pressure between the joint and the hose is too loose, the hose may come out of the joint at the beginning of use under the action of fluid pressure; If the amount of pressure is too large, the joint and the hose pressure is too tight, easy to lead to local damage to the inner layer of the hose, crack, high pressure fluid from the crack directly into the winding layer, or has been flowing to a place to accumulate, so that the outer rubber bulge or even rupture. When the hose and the joint are assembled, if the withholding speed is too fast, it is easy to cause the damage and fracture of the inner glue, so that the hose is damaged prematurely in use. In addition, the joint design is not reasonable, the processing quality is poor, will also cause the glue damage; If the joint material is not selected properly, it is easy to produce deformation in the withholding process, thus affecting the withholding quality and shortening the life of the hose.

    5. The material and formula of the high pressure spray tube are also the key to affect the quality and life. In order to fully guarantee the quality and solve the worries of the informer, OrientFlex carries out three checks on the product:

    1) Firstly, reliability tests such as product aging (UV), bursting pressure and stripping will be carried out in the research and development stage. After passing the tests, trial production will be arranged;

    2) After successful trial production, the production can be transferred to mass production. During the production process, self-inspection and IPQC inspection shall be arranged;

    3) Before delivery, OQC shall conduct relevant reliability tests for quality, and only after passing the test can it enter the market.