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    How to Solve the Problem of Industrial Rubber Sheet Flap Edge?

    The problem of flaps has many adverse effects on the production process and quality of rubber products, for example, industrial rubber sheet. Whether considering the cost of glue material, or the cost of repair personnel, even for the later customer acceptance angle is also very unfavorable. Let's talk about it in detail.

    1. From the point of view of quality requirements, the flaps must be removed. Repair of flaps requires a lot of manpower, sites, facilities, etc., which virtually adds a process, prolongs the production cycle. Economically, the removal of the flaps increases the cost of production. Therefore, it is very important to improve the accuracy of the model, and it has great implications for cost control in all aspects.

    2. The formation of the flap edge increases the consumption of the rubber material and increases the production cost. At the same time, it is a waste of resources and a potential pollution to the environment. For large scale rubber sheet products and rubber flooring products, the flap edge is a very important waste problem, should be paid attention to.

    3. The formation of the flap edge changes the size of the die seal of the die products, so that part of the performance of the products is affected (especially for all kinds of sealing products with strict requirements). Long-term survival conditions for some of the precise pattern of the mold damage is great.

    4. The repair of the flap edge, especially the manual repair, will affect the performance of the product quality, the grass level and quality of the workers is different, the effect of the flying edge repair is also very different. Easily results in the value of the bottom rubber products. Removing the flap edge, the traces of different levels, different residues, directly affect the image of the enterprise in the eyes of customers and competitiveness.