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    Why this Layflat Hose So Popular?

    Every year in May and June is the peak season of water layflat hose such as engineering, irrigation and so on are in great demand. Our company's water layflat hose is also very popular around the world. So what are the advantages of being such a hot selling hose?

    1. With a layflat hose manufacturer for more than 10 years, the company specializes in the production and sales of nearly 10 million meters of agricultural hose every year. Each hose is carefully woven, used various pressure tests before delivery, and polished for tens of thousands of times.

    2. PU(polyurethane) lining layflat hose has unique advantages in engineering. Light weight, good flexibility, smooth coating, easy to roll and store, low temperature can keep the flat hose soft and elastic; High pressure resistance, strong corrosion resistance, can ensure the normal use in -40°-150°.

    3. The braided hose with skin USES high-strength polyester filament by the twisting of circular loom weaving (polyester yarn is the production of car seat belt material) because of its high strength, high pressure resistance, anti-aging advantages such as being strong of performance, makes the hose working pressure can be up to 16 kilograms, has a better high voltage explosion-proof features, widely used in the field of large-scale project.

    Here to remind you one point, according to the outlet diameter to choose different types of high-pressure water layflat hose with different pressures, so that the project will progress more smoothly.