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    What Should Pay Attention to When Using Nylon Air Duct Hose?

    Nylon air duct hose is a ventilation hose product that is often applied to our life. So what work do we need to pay attention to when we know the product is in use? How can we choose good quality products? Next, let’s learn more product knowledge. Hope it will help us when we use it.

    Nylon ventilation air duct hose are wrapped in the middle of the ducts with a very strong elastic steel wire mesh, which is very anti static. The inner wall is very smooth, pressure resistance is relatively large, has a very good corrosion resistance, he is used in our life for a variety of food, beverage and water transmission with hose. Can be used in some super pure liquid transmission, for example, liquor, wine, beer drinks such as transportation, transmission and filling of disinfectant, also can be used for transmission of food juice, also can be used in fine chemical industry such as medicine and health care industries such as food fluid absorption, containing more than 50% of the concentration of alcohol liquid pressure and vacuum extraction.

    The product does not decompose any odors and tastes; Its smooth inner wall does not stick to water; High temperature sterilization and autoclave sterilization; High heat resistance and cold resistance: can be widely used in -40 ~ 150℃ range, so the product is very common in our life.

    And its use is also very wide.

    The above content is our introduction to the relevant knowledge of nylon air duct hose. There are many problems that we need to pay attention to when we use it, so that our products can play their role and value. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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