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    How to Choose Metal Hose Joints?

    For metal hose joint type, the first difference is the meaning of some threads, such as our common NPT, PTG and so on. These have different meanings, consumers should understand the meaning of these joints in the procurement, and then according to their own needs to choose and buy. Different types correspond to different joints. So, how to select metal hose joints?


    In fact, for the type of metal hose joint, it is corresponding to the metal hose. So in the selection of time should pay attention to some aspects. The first is the selection of the joint form. Generally speaking, the first flange connection, thread connection, quick joint connection, according to its own practice needs to select.

    The second aspect is the pressure. According to the pressure of practical operation to select the gathering and transportation hose and joint. So as to ensure smooth operation, there is also the acceptable pressure and temperature of the metal pipe joint, the corrosion of the medium and so on.

    In general, the need of metal hose joints is still very important, so we should pay extra attention to the selection of time.