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    Industrial Ventilation Duct Hose should be Replaced or Maintained Timely When Aging

    Industrial hoses are divided into many different types, such as common industrial vacuum hoses, water hoses, air hoses, welding hoses and oil hoses and so on. Different types of industrial hoses used in the industry and characteristics are very different. So the major enterprises in the choice of industrial hoses must be in accordance with the use of enterprise needs to choose the right industrial hoses! Today mainly to discuss with you is the industrial ventilation duct hose, duct hose is very common in our life, so for the duct hose, do you need to do regular maintenance work on it? Let's take a look together.


    Duct hose is an essential product in industry. So many times, a lot of customers need to look for.

    First of all, from the appearance, the surface of the duct hose is not as rough as you think. Its surface is smooth and delicate, so that the dust inhaled will not be directly attached to the inner wall of the straw, but directly into the storage bag, and it will be very convenient when finishing, reduce the trouble of customers.

    Every kind of product in the industry needs regular maintenance and maintenance, and it also needs to do some maintenance in the ordinary use process. If the duct hose is found to be aging, it should be replaced or repaired in time! Otherwise there is no way to normal use.

    Generally a week to half a month, it is necessary to clean the inside of the duct hose to see if there is ventilation? Use warm water during cleaning. After cleaning, let dry before installing.

    According to the above information we can learn that: industrial ventilation duct hose is need to  do maintenance on a regular basis, because the duct hose is used for dust collection after all, so if in normal times not to do a good job of maintenance of it will reduce its service life. Therefore, completes the duct hose maintenance work is necessary! In addition, for other types of industrial hoses, in peacetime also need to do a good maintenance.