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    Development of Automotive Brake Hose Industry in China

    China's automotive brake hose industry in the past decade has made great progress in the production of hose elastomers, steel wire and fiber reinforced with the variety and number have also increased significantly. Now there are dozens of kinds of rubber and elastomer used for the production of hoses, commonly used are: natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene diene rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, neoprene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene and fluorine rubber. Other thermoplastic elastomers, such as ethylene-acrylic elastomers and polyacrylic elastomers, have also been used.

    This shows that the variety of hoses produced has increased significantly, and other hoses with enhanced data also have more choices. The grade of fiber and steel wire can basically meet the needs of hose production. In the production of air and water delivery low pressure hose is still to rayon, polyester fiber as the reinforcement data, and in the production of high pressure hydraulic hose is still to steel wire as the reinforcement data of the hose, the selected steel wire, according to the production of hydraulic hose pressure and scale is different, steel wire diameter from 0.20mm to 0.80mm. In the production of large-diameter hose, steel cord and flat steel wire should also be used as reinforcement material, with high strength, fineness and fatigue resistance.

    Now from the brake hose industry, the selection of the molding process is the same as foreign countries, is also hard core method, soft core method and no core method three, with soft core method and no core production of hose more.


    From the vulcanization process, the vast majority of water wrapped nylon cloth is still used for steam vulcanization.

    In the last ten years, nylon water-wrapped cloth has replaced pure cotton water-wrapped cloth, and nylon tape has been successfully used in many domestic hose manufacturers. This is the best way to improve the appearance quality of the hose.

    The appearance quality of the hose wrapped with nylon water wrapping cloth fully meets the requirements of the appearance quality standard of HG2185-91 rubber hose.

    With the increase of the amount of synthetic rubber, hydraulic hose, high pressure resin hose, oil hose, automobile industry hose, and large diameter, large length hose have been industrialized production, to steel wire or fiber woven and around the structure of the proportion of the increase, and the world's advanced level of hose industry gap greatly shortened.