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    The Inspection of Car Brake Hose

    Inspection is very important for customer, company and products. Everflex has a strict inspection system to ensure each product is qualified. There is a container of car brake hose will be loaded. Before loading, our professional quality inspector is inspect product carefully.

    Package: Check whether the package form, package size and number of car brake hose meet the requirements, and whether the package is complete and damaged.

    Shipping mark: Check whether the size, quantity and paste position of the car brake hose’s shipping mark meet the requirements.Check whether the contents of the shipping mark are correct.

    Inner diameter and outer diameter: Measure inner diameter and outer diameter of car brake hose to see if there is any noticeable deviation.

    Printing: Some customers will request to print their logo on hose surface. So it should be checked whether the print position is appropriate, the content is correct, the font is clear and neat, the print font and the size of the print are in accordance with the requirements.

    Other inspection: Check whether the length, wight, hardness, color, connector and so on of car brake hose are in requirements.

    Qingdao Everflex Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. founded in 2009 and has nearly 8 years of quality hose. We provides quality hose with competitive price to over 50 countries, such as The United States, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Russia, UK and so on. We believe that “Customer is paramount, Quality is priority” and offer good quality and service to customers, we develop fast and became a superior company to product the industrial hoses, PVC hoses and hydraulic hoses, auto rubber hoses, etc..

    Warmly welcome everyone who is interested in our products to contact.

    There are some pictures about inspection of car brake hose: