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    Stainless Hose Clamps can Solve this Problem

    Clamps are fasteners at the junction of hard and soft pipes. It solves the problem of dead angle and liquid and gas leakage when small diameter soft and hard pipes are connected in prior technology. This kind of clamp adopts open inner and outer ring structure and fastens with bolts, which effectively solves the problem of dead angle when small diameter soft and hard pipes are connected. It is widely used in motor vehicles, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other machinery accessories.


    Stainless hose clamp is one of them, it is widely used in various water pipes, hoses and other pipe products fixed. The worm friction of stainless hose clamp is small, which is suitable for the connection of high and middle class models or parts of anti corrosive materials.

    In addition, the stainless hose clamp has the characteristics of torsion resistance and pressure resistance, the torque force of the clamp is balanced, the locking is firm and tight, and the adjustable range is large. It is suitable for the soft and hard pipe connection fasteners above 30mm, and the appearance is beautiful after assembly.

    So, you should choose a professional manufacturer when buying hose clamps. Our stainless hose clamp is made of 100% high quality material. The size is strict tested.