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    Importance of Routine Inspection of PVC Suction Hose

    PVC suction reinforced hose is widely used in agriculture, mining, construction to suction and transport water, powder, etc.

    There are several kinds of PVC suction reinforced hose, including general purpose PVC suction hose, corrugated PVC suction hose, PVC grit hose, fuel drop hose, etc.. But regardless of the type of suction reinforced hose, it is important to inspect hose regularly. Therefore, the daily inspection of PVC suction reinforced pipe is essential. Next, I will share a few points need to pay attention to in the daily inspection of suction hose.

    1. During the normal use of PVC suction reinforced hose, be sure to carry out regular inspection once a month. The service life of the hose is greatly affected by the characteristics of the fluid, temperature, flow rate and pressure. If abnormal signs are found during pre-operation inspection or regular inspection, please stop using the hose immediately and repair or replace it with a new hose.

    2. Before using the hose, confirm whether there is any abnormality such as trauma, hardening, softening and discoloration on the appearance of the hose.


    I hope these two points will attract attention when you use PVC suction reinforced hose in the future. Regular hose inspection is not only a guarantee of hose quality, but also a guarantee of the use effect.