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    How to Distinguish the Qualified Fuel Hose?

    1. Look at the outer of fuel hose. When the attachment to remove the rubber with a peeling machine, to see whether the stripped rubber is continuous, continuous is good quality.

    2.See the brightnessof appearance of the fuel hose, high brightness for the top grade, the gel layer with nail nipping its gel elasticity is better.

    3. See whether the steel wire layer is uniform, from the diameter of the steel wire to distinguish.

    Fuel hose wire mesh distribution is uniform, no leakage at the knitting. The thicker the diameter of steel wire is, the better hose is.

    4. Look at whether the inner rubber layer of the fuel hose wall thickness is uniform, as well as the size of the rubber hose hole, try to distinguish the standard joint.


    5. Passing the pressure test, the national standard requires that the test pressure is twice of the working pressure, and the blasting pressure is generally 3-4 times of the working pressure, which is qualified.

    6. Genuine fuel hose is printed with the hose drawing number at the joint connection. The fuel hose available in the market is not printed with the hose drawing number at the joint connection.

    7. The poor quality fuel hose will appear: Wall thickness is uneven; Wire braiding too tight, too loose or too few wire layers; The deformation amount (elongation, shortening or bending) of the fuel hose after pressure is large; The poor tightness of outer rubber gas leads to corrosion of steel wire. The poor sealing of the inner rubber makes the high pressure oil easily enter the steel wire layer; The adhesive force between rubber layer and steel wire layer is insufficient. The above situation will reduce the bearing capacity of the fuel hose and eventually burst in the weak part of the hose wall.

    This is Orientflex's introduction on fuel hose. Our products include PVC hoses, hydraulic hoses, silicone hoses, industrial hoses, joints and clamps. Welcome to visit our website for more information.