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    PVC expansion duct ventilation hose

    HOME>>Products>>PVC expansion duct ventilation hose


    Multi-purpose negative pressure hose 

    Diameter: 150-1500mm,  customized

    Wall thickness:0.35mm-0.8mm


    Material:PVC flam-resistant static-free fabric/tarpaulin


    Features: Structure:  By black encryption plastic bone wrapped encryption thick steel wire as the skeleton, with PVC mesh as the pipe

    Telescopic, arbitrary turnover, light volume, with no air leakage, wear resistance, small wind resistance, high compressive strength and other advantages

    Application: used for ventilation in Mine ventilation , various machinery and industrial workshop, Underground cable maintenance, mechanical and shipbuilding engineering, tunnel construction, municipal pipeline engineering. with high flame retardant, such as temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, waste gas resistance, etc

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