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    Customized Airless Paint Spray Hose- Orientflex hose

    Orientflex specializes in the hose production industry and can provide high-pressure hoses for your Graco airless sprayer or Wagner airless sprayer. Whether your spray hose is an airless device for industrial spraying or an air-assisted airless sprayer, you can achieve the desired effect, but you can find the quality spray hose to get the job done correctly. All our airless spray hoses and air-assisted airless hoses have excellent resistance to paint, solvents, various chemicals and grease.


    The textile braided paint spray hose has excellent flat laying characteristics, and has extremely high shock absorption and volume expansion capabilities. The steel wire braid provides a reinforcement layer for the high-pressure hose and ensures 100% conductivity of the entire spray hose. Each of our high-pressure hoses are guaranteed to be compatible with all coating equipment sprayers. The higher burst pressure allows you to work safely.


    Not only can we provide you with all popular high-pressure hoses, but we can also provide custom-length spray hoses for your airless sprayer or airless sprayer. By understanding the scientific knowledge of fluid dynamics to provide you with customized length hoses and