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    Food Grade Oil Polyurethane Hose

    Food-grade oil polyurethane hose has its unique advantages and characteristics in many fields, so it has also received the attention and favor of many manufacturers. At present, Pu hose is one of the popular hose products, and it is used frequently in life. But from the name, it will feel very mysterious, which makes people confused for a while, and I don't know what it is used for. Now let us introduce what is a polyurethane hose and how does this product behave in actual use? It is actually a practical hose, involving a wide range of applications, and can be used in many industries and places to transport liquids. Oil is a liquid substance. In the oil transportation process, pipelines are the best transportation method. Therefore, for many oil pipelines, engineers will choose to use polyurethane hoses in the design process, because this kind of pipeline has strong corrosion resistance, and its service life is also very high, even if it is buried underground, it can be used well.

                PU steel wire hose (2).jpg

    In the process of becoming an oil pipeline, it also played a very good role and has its own unique characteristics, so this kind of Pu hose is also very popular. We all know that rubber products such as tires are made from rubber. The tires are very wear-resistant, otherwise they need to be replaced frequently, resulting in high costs and many failures. From the perspective of tires, we all know that rubber has high wear resistance. But compared to polyurethane hoses, rubber is nothing. Because its abrasion resistance is dozens of times that of rubber, its abrasion resistance is very good. We know that oil is flammable. If we do not leave it, there will be a fire. Generally speaking, gas stations have signs prohibiting fire. If the flame retardancy of the pipeline is not good, it may cause serious accidents such as fire. Polyurethane hose has good flame-retardant properties, so it can also be used as an oil pipeline. From the above point of view, this hose has many features and advantages.