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    Antic-static conveyor belt

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    Application and Feature: PVC anti-fire and anti-static electricity conveyor belt often called PSAF, it selects high-intensity nylon filament and yarn weave as a whole core,and then use the PVC impregneted their technologies and key equipment are introduced from the United Kindom Speciallization (Fenner)Corporation.PSAF have advantage of anti-static electricity, high-intensity,with light body,long life characteristucs in the modern world. It is the best security for the coal mine belt. Otherwise with light body,anti-fire anti-static characteristucs. It also has good elastic body,good performance against slippery features can increase their perspective,and to prevent the material being, improve transport efficiency. The belt’s life will be enlonged because of the increaseness of cover rubber thickness. It is the most suitble belt for coal mine.

    Specification models

    Width specifications(mm): 400,500,650,800,1000,1200,1400,1600,1800,2000

    Intensity specifications(N/mm)


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