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    The use of silicone hose in the automotive field

    1. Car cooling hose

    Cooling hoses are used in automobile engines, accumulators, auxiliary heat exchangers (AT F) and automatic transmissions (CVTF).

    Because the coolant is located in the compact engine room, the coolant can flow smoothly through the manifold and valve body. The cooling pipe is usually constructed in a dendritic structure.

    At the same time, affected by the engine's high temperature radiation and long-term oil-immersion corrosion, the aging of materials has become the most serious problem, often leading to leakage and failure from the inside out.

    Therefore, the automobile cooling hose adopts inner and outer rubber layers, polyester fiber reinforced layers, and then vulcanized through a vulcanizing tank to ensure rubber quality.

    2. Automobile rubber hose

    As an important part of automobiles, automobile rubber hoses are distributed in the engine, chassis, body and other parts, and play an important role in transporting oil, gas, water and power. The rubber hoses currently used in automobiles are about 20m long and there are more than 10 types.

    The shapes of automobile rubber hoses include straight pipes, elbow pipes, and variable diameter hoses. There are many characteristics such as high pressure, low pressure, heat resistance and oil resistance.

    3. Brake hose

    The brake hose is the most important safety part of the automobile brake system. The quality requirements of the brake hose are very strict, and it must be strictly guaranteed that there are no hidden dangers of leakage. Therefore, the pressure safety factor of the brake hose is 50%~100% larger than that of the ordinary rubber hose, reaching 5-8 times.

    The medium conveyed by the pneumatic brake hose is compressed air, so the reinforcement layer is made of vinylon and polyester fiber, and the inner and outer rubber layers are made of SBR, CR and CR/EPDM rubber.

    The medium conveyed by the hydraulic brake hose is hydraulic oil, and the reinforcement layer is mainly made of rayon and aramid fiber, and the inner and outer rubber layers usually use NBR and CR.

    4. Radiator hose

    The cooling radiator hose is a flexible hose connecting the car engine and the radiator, and is a key part of the car cooling system. The main conveying medium is low-pressure cooling water. Rayon and polyester fibers are usually used as reinforcement layers, and SBR and CR materials are usually used for the inner and outer rubber layers.