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    Agricultural Drag Hose

    Agricultural TPU Drag Hose is designed for the latest environmentally friendly umbilical drag systems. These are used for distribution of slurry and manure as fertilizer in the fields of agriculture. These systems require hoses to be connected between slurry reservoirs (lagoons) and tow tractors in the field to be fertilized. The tow tractor pulls the draghose behind it while the hose feeds the injection tool bar that deposits the manure in the plowed furrows.

    Drag Hose System Operation Principle:

    The main hose is laid along the planned route by hose transporters, directly from the manure storage to the center of the field planned for manure application. The main hose is then connected to the drag hose by means of a quick-release coupling. The other end of the drag hose is attached to the applicator for manure application. The applicator is then dragged by a tractor along the field in a shuttle-like trajectory. The hose is dragged on the ground behind the applicator until the entire area of the field is covered. When the work is complete, the remaining liquid manure is cleaned from the hoses by an elastic ball that is pulled along the entire length of the hose with compressed air from the compressor. The cleaned hoses are reeled on a hose reel.

    The superior weave of Agricultural Drag Hose prevents elongation and snaking of hose, meaning that hose stays where you put it, and is easier to retrieve after the job is done. Superior coverage of the weave during the extrusion process ensures the rubber or TPU hose won’t separate from the weave as it can in some cheaper brands and superior abrasion resistance means that the weave won’t be exposed leading to costly downtime.

    Regardless whether used as drag hose for irrigation, sludge and slurry hose, or simply as dewatering hose, our products have proven to be the best choice. Our rubberlined hoses are highly resistant to liquid manure and chemicals. Due to their excellent UV and weather resistance, our layflat hoses are well-suited for all agricultural applications. They combine high tensile strength as well as high abrasion resistance due to the advanced rubber compounds as well as the special ribbed outside surface. Especially when used as drag hoses, our advanced and reinforced layflat hoses are state of the art.