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    Heavy Duty PVC Layflat Hose

    The heavy-duty PVC Layflat hose is a sturdy drainage hose made of PVC coating and reinforced polyester yarn. High-strength polyester yarn has excellent durability and strength under all working conditions. It has high durability, while maintaining great flexibility, and is most suitable for medium and low pressure applications.

    Heavy Duty PVC Layflat Hose Features:

    ● Choose high-strength polyester filament and high-quality PVC, once coated with plastic.

    ● Non-toxic, no odor, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet.

    ● Easy to use and store.

    ● Provide different colors.

    ● Compared with other rubber hoses, it is lighter, more durable and cheaper.

    Heavy Duty PVC Layflat Hose Advantages:

    ● Durable PVC material: has good wear resistance, chemical resistance and ultraviolet resistance.

    ● Heavy-duty construction: Our heavy-duty PVC Layflat hose is rugged and designed for environments requiring higher working pressure.

    ● UV protection: Heavy-duty PVC Layflat hose can resist the damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays, thereby extending the service life outdoors.

    ● Smooth appearance: The heavy-duty PVC Layflat hose has a smooth appearance and low friction loss.

    ● Compact packaging design: Heavy-duty PVC Layflat hose reel packaging, easy to store and transport, taking up less space.

    Heavy Duty PVC Layflat Hose Applications:

    The heavy-duty PVC Layflat hose is designed for heavy-duty water delivery projects. The application scenarios mainly include pumps, swimming pools and construction projects, mines and ships.