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    Heavy-Duty PVC Spray Hose

    For employees and workers in industries such as landscaping and agriculture, there are various applications where you need a PVC Spray hose that is not only physically durable but also has a chemical composition that can withstand various chemical applications safely and securely. Our color-coordinated heavy-duty spray hoses are constructed out of sturdy PVC with five-ply bonded construction. That makes it durable in particularly harsh environments. From a composition perspective, our spray hose is resistant to fungicide, insecticides, fertilizers and much more. Additionally, our hoses have amazing abrasion resistance and supreme flexibility so that they’re easy to use on site. We offer 300’ and 400’ coils of 600 psi and 800 psi hoses for sale.

    Heavy Duty Spray Hose 600psi and 800psi:

    ● 5 PLY bonded construction.

    ● Specially formulated compound suitable for harsh fieldwork environment.

    ● Superb abrasion resistance.

    ● Long lasting flexibility.

    ● Resistant to fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers and more.

    Heavy-Duty PVC Spray Hose Features:

    1. This product is made of high-quality PVC and synthetic materials. It is soft, flexible, safe and reliable, with good pressure resistance, weather resistance and sealing.

    2. No odor, strong bending ability and durable.

    3. Wide temperature range, no deformation and strong corrosion resistance.

    4. Add flame retardant ingredients, self-extinguishing

    Heavy-Duty PVC Spray Hose Application:

    The hose is also called PVC spray hose, agricultural spray hose, agricultural chemical hose, sprayer hose, herbicide spray hose, pesticide spray hose, etc. Widely used to transport gas, water, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other light chemicals used in spray pumps, sprayer systems, garden equipment, golf courses, contractors, greenhouse compressed air and water systems, and other spray systems.