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    Water Suction and Discharge Hose Features

    Water Suction and Discharge Hose is a rubber hose used for water delivery and drainage. Water Suction and Discharge Hose can be used in positive and negative pressure working environment to pump and discharge industrial water and neutral liquid at normal temperature. It is widely used in mines, factories, agriculture, civil and construction projects. In addition, it can be used as a hose for agricultural irrigation.

    The industrial water hose series offers a variety of pressures and sizes to meet the needs of a variety of applications. We also offer weather-resistant and wear-resistant hose options to provide stable service in harsh environments. The series also includes multi-function delivery hoses for multi-function operation. In our product range, we have hoses suitable for almost all functions and offer various configurations to meet your application needs for easy installation.

    Advantages of Water Suction and Discharge Hose:

    ● Wear resistance. The rubber material on the inner layer and the cover layer has excellent wear resistance.

    ● High loading capacity. Steel spirals and fabric reinforcement are easy to handle, with excellent flexibility and high load carrying capacity.

    ● Wear resistance and aging resistance. The outer rubber material has excellent wear resistance and aging resistance.

    ● Chemical resistance. Water rubber hoses have excellent chemical resistance to agricultural pesticides, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

    ● Prevent bending. The spiral-reinforced steel wire has excellent bending resistance and a strong hose structure.

    ● Performs well under vacuum. Water rubber hose can work normally under 80 kPa (600 mmHg) vacuum conditions.

    ● High burst pressure. The rupture pressure of the water rubber hose is not less than 3 times the working pressure and can be used under high pressure.

    Application of Water Suction and Discharge Hose:

    1. Pumping and conveying water, mud and mud; agricultural fertilizer, lath water

    2. Medium load water, salt water, light chemicals

    3. Discharge water from agricultural and industrial applications, mines and quarries.

    4. Transfer of water, liquid, diluted fertilizers and pesticides; pumping, inhalation, and water and mud discharge

    5. High-pressure sewer cleaning.