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    Type of compressed air hose

    Rubber air hose

    Rubber is the most commonly used and most easily purchased type of air hose. It is usually wear-resistant and can withstand all weather conditions. High-quality rubber can withstand temperatures from -20 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit without losing flexibility. However, rubber air hoses are heavy and form bubbles on their surfaces under extremely high temperature conditions.

    Mixed air hose

    The mixed air hose is made of a combination of polyurethane, PVC and rubber. They are the most flexible and durable type of hose. Even at low temperatures, they have temperature resistance. All outstanding functions will not affect the quality and weight of the device.

    PVC air hose

    PVC air hoses are durable, wear-resistant and economical. They work well in warm weather conditions, but are not as flexible as other hoses. They are the best hoses to install in narrow and difficult to reach places. However, they tend to be coiled and kinked, and exhibit poor performance at low temperatures.

    Polyurethane air hose

    Polyurethane air hose is the lightest air hose on the market. It usually exhibits excellent cold weather performance. These types of hoses also have excellent recoil capability. However, they are more expensive than other models.