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    Installation precautions for hydraulic hoses

    1. When installing hydraulic hoses, do not bend the hoses excessively, according to the bending radius of the hydraulic hoses.

    2. In order to prevent twisting, everyone must keep the direction of the hose installation in line with the direction in which the hose is bent.

    3. As the hose increases pressure, there will be some changes in the hose length. But remind everyone not to fix the bent part of the hose in order to suppress such changes.

    4. When using hydraulic hoses under high pressure, there will be length changes in the range of + 2% to -4%. For this reason, it is necessary to allow sufficient flexibility for the hoses during installation.

    hydraulic hose SAE 100 R9 R10 R12 (2).jpg

    5. To reduce the number of joints used, in order to look good and shorten the assembly, please use appropriate accessories to replace the piping.

    6. When using elbows for hydraulic hose connections, be careful not to allow extreme twisting and bending of the hose.

    7. Use the accessory to arrange the hose in a straight line. This prevents the hose from being too long and makes the appearance simple and beautiful.

    8. There must be a proper allowance for the length of the hose. This will allow the hose to move smoothly and avoid sharp bends.

    9. In order to prevent twisting of the hose during installation, the marking on the hose can be used as a line to prevent twisting. In the case of a fitting with a pipe joint nut, it is necessary to use a wrench to apply force to the hexagonal portion of the screw to be mounted.

    四层钢丝缠绕 (19).jpg