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    Food Grade Rubber Hose

    Food-grade rubber hoses are made of NR and NBR food-grade rubber. They are especially suitable for transporting various beverages and alcoholic beverages, as well as other liquid beverages such as beer, juice and drinking water. Widely used in breweries, wineries and beverage factories, suitable for inhalation and delivery applications.

    Food grade rubber hose features:

    The completely odorless and tasteless inner tube ensures maximum impermeability and does not cause contact pollution to the conveyed products. The surface layer of food rubber hose is resistant to common detergents. Has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion and aging.


    Food grade rubber hose structure:

    Inner tube: White, smooth, NR, NBR or EPDM food quality rubber

    Reinforcing layer: high-strength multilayer synthetic fiber, implanted into spiral metal steel wire.

    Surface: synthetic rubber, orange, abrasion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, aging resistance, smooth, cloth-like surface.

    Food-grade rubber hoses have an inner layer of synthetic rubber to hold fluids transferred by the hoses In the tube. Reinforced layers made of steel wire or fiber are required to resist the pressure in the hose. In order to protect the inner layers of hoses, there is also a protective layer of synthetic rubber on the outside of the reinforcement layer.

    Temperature range: -40 ° C to + 120 ° C / steam disinfection up to 130 ° C for 30 minutes.

    Working pressure: 10-30 bar

    Quality standards: Meet FDA standards;