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    How to choose industrial hoses?

    In the industrial production process, some rubber hoses are needed to link the equipment. With the development of the industry, the demand for products continues to increase, and industrial hoses have gradually been widely used, so everyone will need to pay attention when selecting industrial hoses. Some basic elements:

    Basic factors to consider when choosing an industrial hose:

    First, select the appropriate hose type according to the actual use environment and the conveying medium to ensure that the hose can be resistant to corrosion and normal use

    water-discharge-hosejpg (5).jpg

    Second, when choosing industrial hoses, pay attention to their inner diameter, outer diameter, length, and working pressure; understand the actual working pressure and chemical properties of the conveying medium, and determine the type of material according to the corrosion performance of industrial hoses.

    Third, the temperature range of industrial hoses is also very important. If you work in a high temperature environment, you must choose a high temperature resistant hose or use a silicone fire jacket. Otherwise, not only will the hose be damaged, but a dangerous accident may be caused.

    Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the minimum bending radius of industrial hoses to avoid unnecessary damage to the hoses due to excessive bending.

    When choosing industrial hoses, you should not only pay attention to the above points, but also pay attention to the overall quality of the hose. Find professional manufacturers and suppliers. ORIENTFLEX is a leading hose manufacturer in China with more than 10 years of hose production experience. Welcome you contact us.

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