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    Features and uses of silicone hose

    Silicone hose is the carrier of liquid, gas and other materials. Silicone hoses in the industry can be divided into "extruded silicone hoses" and "shaped silicone hoses". Widely used in modern industry, defense industry and daily necessities.

    Features of silicone hose:

    1. Resistant to high and low temperatures. The long-term temperature resistance range of silicone hose is -30 ° C ~ 190 ° C, and the short-time temperature resistance range is -60 ° C ~ 230 ° C. Due to its excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, it is widely used in hot melt machinery and equipment.

    2. Soft, elastic, resistant to kink and not deformed. Silicone hose has excellent resilience, and is widely used in peristaltic pumps, material conveying equipment, and joints.

    3. Compression resistance. The uniform hose made by vulcanization greatly enhances the compression resistance of the silicone hose.

    4. Silicone hose has excellent resistance to ozone aging, oxygen aging, light aging and weathering. It also has excellent electrical insulation, mold resistance and high air permeability.

    Steel-silicone-hose (44).jpg

    Application of silicone hose:

    ● Silicone hoses are mainly used in engineering machinery, mechanical equipment, electronic machinery, automobiles, engines, intercoolers and other high-temperature and high-pressure environments because of their own characteristics.

    ● Silicone hose is divided into straight tube and special-shaped tube in shape. It is divided into pure rubber silicone hose, clip silicone rubber hose, fabric silicone hose and steel wire silicone hose. According to actual needs, different types of silicone hoses can be selected.

    Wire-Silicone-hose (54).jpg