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    What is the difference between PVC and PU steel wire hoses?

    At present, most steel wire hoses are made of PVC and PU. Many customers are not clear about the difference between the two, and they do not know whether to choose a PU steel wire hose or a PVC steel pipe. PVC is polyvinyl chloride, a general-purpose plastic that contains chlorine atoms and is slightly toxic. It has a pungent taste after burning. Many products can be made on the market. Tends to be eliminated now. PU is polyurethane. Many women's bags, clothes, sponges and artificial leather are now. It is safer to use. Now it tends to expand. At present, most of the brand plastics equipment manufacturers and end users will choose to use PU steel wire hoses. The difference between PVC and PU raw materials is actually very simple.

    The difference between PVC and PU steel wire hose:

    1. The temperature resistance is different. The maximum temperature resistance of PVC steel hose is 65 ℃, and the maximum temperature resistance of PU steel hose can reach 90 ℃.

    2. The abrasion resistance is different. The pipe made of PU is more abrasion-resistant, so if you draw large particles, the life of PVC steel wire hose is relatively short.

    3. With the same wall thickness and the same wire spacing, the texture of the PU steel hose will be softer, and the PVC steel hose will be relatively hard.


    How to distinguish between PVC and PU steel hose:

    1. PVC is inferior to PU in elasticity, and the recovery after stretching can be verified. The two can be distinguished and compared. PVC adds some other substances, so it is slippery; PU is more sticky and more elastic.

    2. PVC is easy to harden and become brittle when it is cold. If it is PU, it has better flexibility and will not harden and become brittle.

    3. Burning test, PVC will emit green smoke, PU just emits black smoke; PU taste is much lighter than PVC taste

    4. From the edge of the PU steel wire hose, the PU base fabric is generally fleece, thicker and softer, and the PVC base fabric is thin and hard.

    PU-Steel-duct-hose (11).jpg