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    Features of PU lined fire hose

    Fire hoses are hoses used to transport flame-resistant liquids such as high-pressure water or foam. They are usually composed of a tubular fabric layer and a lining (or cover) woven by warp and weft using steam vulcanization or an adhesive combination. The traditional fire hose is lined with rubber and the outer surface is wrapped with linen braid. Advanced fire hoses are made from polymeric materials such as polyurethane. Fire hoses have metal joints on both ends, which can be connected to another hose to extend the distance or to a nozzle to increase the pressure of the liquid spray.

    The PU-lined fire hose is composed of a woven layer and a polyurethane (PU) lining layer. The weaving layer is made of high-strength polyester filament circular knit twill, and the lining is polyurethane.

    The polyurethane-lined fire hose has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to bending, etc., and is light in weight, soft and convenient to use. The unit length component is more than 40% lighter than the rubber-lined hose, which helps the firefighters reduce combat. The new generation of products with improved strength and fire extinguishing function is well received by customers. Polyurethane-lined fire hoses are light in weight, fast in water discharge, easy to coil, easy to use, and suitable for various task locations. The fire hose has a metal interface in the middle, which can be connected to another hose to extend the interval or to a nozzle to increase the liquid radiation pressure.

    Polyurethane-lined fire hoses have excellent comprehensive properties and have many valuable characteristics from rubber to plastic. The first is high strength, its tear strength is about 3 times that of natural rubber; the second is good abrasion resistance, about 3-5 times that of natural rubber; the third is good oil resistance, and the affinity with non-mineral oil is small, It is hardly corroded in fuel oil. Fourth, it has good weather resistance. It is continuously used under the high temperature environment of 80 ° C to 90 ° C, and does not embrittle at low temperatures of -50 ° C to -70 ° C.

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