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    Micro bubble generator paddlewheel aerator

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    1.Structure and Function of impeller aerator 

    Impeller aerator mainly consists of motor, gear box, water wheel and float composition has been 

    developed to form a product family ,including 7.5kw, 5.5kw, 3.0kw, 1.5kw, 1.1kw, 0.75kw several models. 

    3.0kw, 1.5kw two kinds of impeller aerator most commonly used.

    Impeller aerator using mechanical methods aerobics, water driven by an electric motor rotating impeller 

    to stir the water , mixing gas and liquid film membrane , increasing the gas , liquid contact area to 

    expand the oxygen concentration gradient in the water, improve oxygen in the air metastatic spread to the water speed.

    The effect of the oxygen equipment is obvious, by using the impeller aerator , aerator can be formed as the center of a radius of about 10 meters in the water enriched circle . In the pond experiment, impeller aerator running about 80 minutes , and allows the water temperature and dissolved oxygen content of the water 1.5 meters deep in the upper consistent .

    Impeller aerator with high technical content , with physical , biological effects than other types of 



    1. Built-in protector will jump off automatically so as not to burn down the engine if the lack phase of tri-phase source or engine overheating occurs.

    2. The gear is using chromium-manganese-titanium alloy steel immersed in carbon and nitrogen, which can prolong the life span 

    3. Using a patented technique, the non-welded impeller can run stably, and it is easy to carry around

    4. To ensure permanent application under strongly corrosive conditions ( seawater or industrial sewage ) without replacing the impeller or painting.

    2.Basic functions of impeller aerator 

    Aerobics Impeller aerator power , high efficiency , per kilowatt / hour maximum oxygen 1800 g or more. In the case of oxygen-rich water , aquaculture can effectively inhibit the occurrence of bacterial , viral , aquaculture production increase is significant.

    Carrying water and stir.Paddlewheel aerators can improve the bottom water to the surface water 

    alternating with each other , and thus play to the effect of lower water aerobics , aerobics its depth 

    more than 2 meters , suitable for high-yield deep water fish pond .

    In addition to the exposure of harmful gases .Impeller aerator strong aeration function , water of 

    harmful gases such as ammonia , hydrogen sulfide , methane, carbon monoxide exposure can effectively removed.

    3.Water efficiency of impeller aerator 

    Impeller aerator also to freshwater aquaculture water efficiency , thereby enhancing the quality of 

    aquaculture water , such as: can quickly lift the fish, shrimp hypoxia floating head , breaking the 

    water stratification, improve pond primary productivity , improve breeding density , increase 

    production, lower feed conversion ratio , inhibition of cyanobacteria , " blooms " , purify water , 

    reduce CODcr and BOD5, nitrogen to phosphorus fixation underwater , winter ice-breaking and so on. As the impeller aerator improves water oxygen , which can effectively improve the water environment , in situ treatment of sewage pond fish realize that aquaculture water reuse ,reduce emissions farming pollution of water bodies .

    Fish pool aerator can increase the oxygen in the water, improve water quality, prevent fish for lack of enough oxygen to death. Can improve fish living condition, raise the breeding density, accelerate fish grow.

    Technical parameters of impeller aerator1.gif

    Micro bubble generator paddlewheel aerator.png

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