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    PU Pneumatic Hose Detailed Introduction

    PU pneumatic hose is a kind of transparent pneumatic hose obtained by using polyurethane granules after modified formula and extruded at high temperature and vulcanized. Models are 10 * 6.5, 12 * 8, 4 * 6. Polyurethane is made by addition polymerization of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound. PU hoses are mainly used in automated pneumatic systems to deliver compressed air to control the movement of the cylinder to achieve the work of the entire system. It is characterized by a soft tube body and good oil resistance. It is characterized by the fact that when used on an air compressor, various greases can enter the tube body or the surface is contaminated. After testing, its oil resistance performance is better than that of nitrile oil resistant hose.

    PU-hose (9).jpg

    The wear resistance coefficient of the PU pneumatic hose reaches 0.2 g / dm2, and can transport various particles, such as plastic particles, flour, and various dusts, and the PU pneumatic hose has a good anti-sticking ability and can prevent pipeline Blockage, saving production costs. The smooth inner wall can reduce the damping of gas and liquid flow and save power energy. Excellent tear resistance, better tear resistance than ordinary rubber pipes and plastic pipes, can be used in various complex environments, the pipe body has good elasticity and longer service life,

    PU pneumatic hose is non-toxic and odorless, has excellent flame retardant performance, can be used in the food industry and mines, good flame retardant and fire resistance can be used safely in mines full of gas, and is resistant to impact, anti-static, corrosion resistance It can be used to transport chlorine gas, acid-base gas and liquid or solvent.

    The working pressure of PU pneumatic hose can reach 2.8Mpa, the working temperature range is -40 degrees -120 degrees, and it can be used in hydraulic pipelines or high temperature and high pressure environments.

    PU-hose (3).jpg