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    High Temperature Resistant Flexible Duct

    1. PVC telescopic duct

    The PVC mentioned here does not refer to a plastic gel-like tube, but a PVC-coated cloth, which is mainly used for soldering and exhaust pipes of electronic factories and used for smoking hoods. This kind of pipe is very cheap and very thin. It is covered with self-extinguishing, flame-retardant pure PVC (one layer), supported by spiral steel wire, and PVC hot-pressed steel wire is bonded to the upper and lower layers to strengthen the adhesion and tensile force.

    2. Nylon cloth air duct

    This kind of tube is made of coated nylon cloth. Some customers also call it canvas air duct, which is covered with nylon cloth and supported by spiral steel wire. The nylon cloth is hot-pressed to bond the upper and lower layers of the steel wire to strengthen the adhesion and adhesion. pull. Highly flexible and flexible, easy to construct, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, good chemical resistance, easy to carry, resistant to oleic acid and smoldering; arbitrary turning, connecting body, light weight; bending radius approximately equal to outer diameter Static electricity, the spiral wire is grounded. Nylon cloth ventilation hose is used in all kinds of mechanical ventilation, welding waste gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment: machine room, basement, tunnel, municipal pipeline engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation equipment, fire exhaust and other harsh working environments The air supply and exhaust, the collection of smoke and dust, high temperature resistance and exhaust, it has temperature, acid and alkali resistance, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses, extremely flame retardant, can be customized according to customer requirements.


    3. Aluminum foil duct

    There are four types of aluminum foil ventilation tubes on the market: pure aluminum foil air ducts, aluminum foil glass fiber composite air ducts, hard inner clip aluminum foil composite air ducts and aluminum foil heat insulation vent pipes, etc. To order, for example, if you want to choose a cheap exhaust pipe such as a range hood, the exhaust pipe used in the furnace shop is a pure aluminum foil duct. For industrial use, such as UV furnace exhaust pipes, wave soldering exhaust pipes, etc., are aluminum foil composite air ducts; exhaust ducts for laboratory clean spaces are usually hard aluminum foil air ducts. The air-conditioning insulation tube uses aluminum foil insulation duct.