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    What is a Nylon Hose?

    Nylon hose (polyamide), referred to as PA hose, nicknamed Nylon Hose, is a synthetic fiber with good physical and chemical and mechanical properties: abrasion resistance, can be used in the presence of sand, iron scraps; smooth surface, Reduced resistance, can prevent rust and scale deposition; soft, flexible, easy to install, simple processing.

    Nylon is a general term for thermoplastic resins containing repeating amide gene- [NHCO]-on the main chain of the molecule. It includes aliphatic PA, fatty-aromatic PA and aromatic PA. Among them, there are many varieties of aliphatic PA and large output. It is widely used, and its name is determined by the specific number of carbon atoms of the synthetic monomer.

    PA (17).jpg

    Nylon has many characteristics, so it is widely used in automobiles, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, transportation equipment, textiles, paper machinery, etc. With the miniaturization of automobiles, the high performance of electronic and electrical equipment, and the acceleration of the weight reduction of mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon will be higher and greater. In particular, nylon, as a structural material, puts high demands on its strength, heat resistance and cold resistance.

    Nylon hose is not only a variety of pipes extruded with different grades of nylon material, but also a hard thick-walled nylon hose cast with caprolactam material.

    Nylon hose is very versatile, mainly used to transport acid and alkaline liquids, and has high temperature resistance, odorless, non-toxic, and excellent low temperature resistance (higher temperature can reach -40 ~ + 120 ℃ ) Greatly solves the problem that acid and alkali resistant PE hoses can not withstand high temperature, low water absorption, and excellent electrical insulation performance. It has excellent chemical stability and is resistant to any known solvents such as hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, amines, sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide at room temperature.

    PA-hose (6).jpg