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    Application range of PVC steel wire reinforced hose

    Our company has strong technical force, perfect management system, imported PVC steel wire hose production equipment to ensure product quality, and perfect after-sales service to create good economic and social benefits.

    The PVC steel wire reinforced hose is divided into three layers, the inner and outer layers are PVC soft plastic, and the middle is a spiral steel wire reinforced structure. Because of its structural order, it is also called more, such as: PVC steel wire hose, PVC steel wire reinforced Hose, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, etc. In fact, a layer of spiral steel wire is added inside the PVC hose, which results in some changes in the strength, deformation resistance and quality of the PVC hose, which can be adapted to some application environments that require high hose strength.

    Features of PVC steel wire hose:

    PVC steel wire hose is a PVC hose embedded with steel wire reinforced skeleton. The inner and outer walls are transparent, smooth, and free of air bubbles, and the delivered fluid is clearly visible. They are resistant to low concentrations of acids and alkalis, have high elasticity, are difficult to age and have a long service life. They are resistant to high pressure and can maintain their original state under high-pressure vacuum.

    PVC steel wire hose is widely used in industry, agriculture, food, medicine, construction, wind power generation and other industries. It can absorb and discharge liquid and solid particles such as grease and low-concentration chemicals.

    PVC-Steel-Wire-Hose (18).jpg