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    How to maintain the garden hose?

    After using the garden hose for a period of time, the appearance is not good enough, and the performance is reduced. This is caused by incorrect usage habits. When using it, you must pay attention to the following points:

    PVC-garden-hose (75).jpg

    1. When using the garden hose for the first time, be sure to unfold it completely so that it can be fully stretched.

    2. Don't wind the garden hose at will, it is easy to cause the garden hose to bend excessively and aggravate the damage of the hose

    3. After using the garden hose, be sure to coil the garden hose in the correct winding order, otherwise the garden hose will become hard and difficult to manage when the temperature decreases

    4. Avoid freezing the garden hose. After using the garden hose, be sure to disconnect it from the faucet connection and drain the water from the hose to avoid the water freezing in the garden hose after the temperature drops. Garden hose damaged

    5. Quality corresponds to the price. If there are garden hoses on the market that are particularly cheap, it means that he may cut corners on raw materials or craftsmanship, so the price is very low, but the quality is very poor and it is very easy to damage

    PVC-garden-hose (90).jpg