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    How to choose rubber water hose?

    In order to meet people's needs, the market has emerged that the rubber water hose has the advantages of ultraviolet resistance, ozone resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. At present, it has been widely used in our daily life.

    Due to the great demand for rubber water hoses in the market. Some illegal manufacturers will start to use inferior raw materials to make profits illegally.

    water-discharge-hosejpg (41).JPG

    Therefore, we must pay attention to quality testing when selecting rubber water hoses to avoid unnecessary losses caused by the use of poor quality water pipes. The testing mainly includes the following three points:

    1. Rubber water hose size measurement: inner diameter, outer diameter, reinforcement layer outer diameter, wall thickness, concentricity, inner and outer rubber thickness, component inner diameter.

    2. Hydraulic test and working pressure test: Check whether the hose and components will leak, deform and break under the confirmation pressure lasting 30s-60s.

    Pressure Deformation Test: Hold for 1 minute at the specified pressure (working pressure verification pressure or other pressure lower than verification pressure), measure the length and outer diameter of the hose, twist angle and bending.

    3. Burst pressure test: Measure the pressure when the rubber water hose bursts at the specified acceleration speed.

    Leak test: Store at 70% static pressure at a smaller blast pressure for 5 minutes, and repeatedly check for leaks or damage. Since water is often used in the test, the explosion pressure and leakage pressure measured at room temperature may be slightly lower than the actual viscosity of the liquid used.

    The quality of the rubber water hose is very good, but it is not suitable for home decoration. It is mainly used in industry, mining, civil transportation and attracting liquids, gases, etc.

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