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    Features of PU Pneumatic Hose

    PU pneumatic hose is the preferred pneumatic pressure hose for the pneumatic industry. PU pipe is divided into polyester PU pipe and polyether PU pipe according to the material;

    PU pneumatic hose use: suitable for industrial, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical, civil engineering, fishery, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other liquid transportation under general working pressure. Such as: pneumatic pipeline, hydraulic pipeline, garden water pipeline, oil pipeline, water pipeline, petroleum exploration pipeline, sandblasting pipeline, peristaltic pump hose, etc.

    Features of PU pneumatic hose:

    1. Good oil resistance, 15-20 times that of natural rubber;

    2. Good abrasion resistance, 30-50 times that of natural rubber;

    3. Good aging resistance, 5 times that of natural rubber;

    4. Tear strength is 3 times that of natural rubber

    5. With high elasticity, high elongation and high strength;

    6. Good damping performance, smooth inner wall, small liquid resistance and small hydraulic loss;

    7. Beautiful appearance, small bending radius of the hose, non-toxic and tasteless, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, light and flexible, weight 30% ~ 70% of rubber hose

    8. Good flame retardancy, non-toxic and tasteless. Impact resistance, fatigue resistance, safety and reliability

    Advantages of PU pneumatic hose:

    1. The transparent tube has high transparency and the state of the medium flow is clearly visible.

    2. Made of high resilience polyurethane material; makes the bending radius of the pneumatic tube small and easier to install.

    3. The yellowing resistance is higher than grade 3, and it is not easy to yellow.

    4. The color tube adopts imported weather-resistant toner. The color tube produced by the color standard is bright and does not fade in long-term work.

    5. The online pipe diameter control system is adopted, and the pipe diameter tolerance is controlled within the range of Δ ± 0.12 mm.

    6. Made of 100% high physical plastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU), which can be used under constant working pressure and has a longer service life.