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    Precautions for the use of hydraulic hoses

    1. The bending half warp of the hydraulic hose must not be lower than the given bending half warp, to avoid damaging the skeleton diagram of the hydraulic hose or destroying it in advance due to excessive stretching.

    2. According to the application standards, the type, specifications and models of the hydraulic hoses are appropriately adopted, and do not misuse or replace them.

    3. When the hydraulic hose is applied, the working pressure should be adjusted step by step to prevent the pipe from being damaged if the working pressure suddenly expands.

    4. When the address changes during the work of the hydraulic hose, it should be transported from the ground to the ground. Do not mop the floor to prevent the skeleton layer from being eroded after the outer rubber is scratched.

    5. When the hydraulic hose is used to transport corrosive liquids, the interior should be cleaned up after use up, to avoid long-term corrosion of the tube body, or use relative product series.

    6. The length of the hydraulic hose should be considered when the high-pressure hose enters the working pressure oil, and the length will shrink the disease. The general shrinkage is 3 to 4% of the diameter of the pipe. Therefore, it is not allowed to be in a tight condition when the high-pressure hose is in the total equipment.

    7. Make sure that the hydraulic hose is not deformed when it is in the equipment. The connection line of the high-pressure hose should be placed in the plan of the fitness exercise as much as possible to avoid damage to the high-pressure hose when the two sides exercise each other.

    8. The hydraulic hose should avoid touching and rubbing with the oblique position on the mechanical equipment, and the waterproof hose should be destroyed.